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                   Freezes water at night to let it melt during day to keep the fridge & room cold 

(saving electricity)

 Window Fridge & A/C           

Like a window A/C, the condenser (back) of the window refrigerator is outdoors.  A refrigerator may also be added to a thru-the-wall A/C or heat pump (common in hotels, office buildings and rental units) installed under the window through an opening in the wall.


Advantages & Benefits:
red  Saves Electricity: Up to 80% during winter & cold nights.  Up to 70% during fall, spring & summer

red  Less Expensive:  When combined with a heat pump or A/C; it's one multi-functional appliance

red  Quieter:  Its condenser is outdoors

red  Has direct access to solar & wind energy:  Its condenser (back) is outdoors


Market Niche & Benefits
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              It saves electricity:

1.  Summer, Fall/Spring/Night  By freezing water at night when it's colder outdoors.  It allows the ice to melt during day when it's warmer outdoors.    

2.  Fall/Spring/Night (Mild)   whenever outdoors is colder than the kitchen (see example below).
3.  Winter  By letting cold outdoor air into the refrigerator/freezer. 


Example:  When the outdoor temperature is 80 °F, the window A/C consumes less electricity than when the outdoor temperature is 100 °F. The same is true of a window refrigerator. When outdoor temperature is 60 °F,  50 °F,  40 °F or 30 °F, the window refrigerator uses less electricity than a similar indoor refrigerator that is in a 70 °F or 80 °F kitchen day and night all year round.    


According to Energy Information Administration's 2001 official energy statistics Table, refrigerators consumed 13.7% (156 billion kWh), freezers 3.5%, lighting 8.8% and TVs 2.9%. Every home has at least one refrigerator/freezer and it's never turned off.  

Window Refrigerator cooler fridge    

Regular Window A/C
Window Refrigerator & Ice Box
Window Fridge Cooler Night Ice Maker
#1.  Conventional
Window A/C
#2. Window Refrigerator, Cooler (Ice/Water Reservoir) & Freezer #3. Magnified View of #2 (Middle Figure)
 Summer Ice/Water Reservoir



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